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Wellness Friyays are there to help improve your wellness! On most Fridays of the year, IVSA SA posts interesting facts, tips, links to videos or references to other applications that could help you make your life a little easier. Like and follow our Facebook and Instagram page for the latest Wellness Friyay!


Colour Run 2018

The aim of the event was to address the physical activity health aspect of student wellness as well as to serve as a fundraiser towards the purchasing of stationery for the learners of the Onderstepoort Primary School.

It was held at Onderstepoort residence and campus with participants having to complete a distance of 6km. The run included obstacles, such as tires on the road, which were situated on the dirt road on the way to the Western rugby field and next to the squash courts. There were four colour stations where colour was splashed. At the end of the event, a few scrumptious snacks, including braai meat was up for sale so that students could satisfy their hunger after the tiring run (or walk). Overall students had a blast!


Wellness Talk - Wellness week 2019

Research shows that veterinary medical students have shown to have dramatically higher levels of depression, anxiety and stress than individuals in similar educational programs, not just compared to the general population. Stress may be linked with attention and concentration problems as well as illness, depression, anxiety, decreased academic success, increased unhealthy behavior such as inappropriate diets, smoking and poor sleep habits.

Hence, Student Wellness aims to increase the awareness on student mental health issues within the veterinary medical field and to offer suggestions to improve student health and wellbeing. Currently, the reality is that there is still insufficient research and investigation devoted to veterinary student wellness. With this in mind, the IVSA Student Wellness hosted a wellness talk focusing on the topic, Mental Health Matters in collaboration with the South African Depression and Anxiety Group. The talk took place during the Global IVSA Wellness week, 22-26 April 2019.

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