OIE Junior Ambassador Portfolio

September 2018

World Rabies Day


World Rabies Day usually takes place on the 28 September of every year. This year, our OIE Junior Ambassador shed some light on this topic by sharing posts which were designed by GARC (Global Alliance for Rabies Control), OIE and Anipedia. By sharing these posts, a large impact was made as these posts were shared and re-shared, creating a ripple effect. Additionally, a “Rabies Awareness” photo frame for Facebook profile pictures and World Rabies Stickers were created and distributed. Both of these were remarkably used by many vet and non-vet students.

October 2018

OIE Rinderpest Game Challenge

Rinderpest is a disease that severely affects livestock and thus the economics of the country. This disease has been eradicated, however, there is always the risk of the disease returning. To prepare veterinarian students, veterinarians, vet nurses as well as other paraveterinarians, the OIE created The Rinderpest Challenge Game should the disease return. Many IVSA Member Organisations participated and we as IVSA South Africa (SA) did our best to maintain a lead. In the end IVSA SA became the winning country with the top player also being from South Africa. This was a very fun initiative and the dean and staff of our faculty along with the South African Veterinary Council (SAVC) also became involved.

November 2018

Antimicrobial Resistance Campaign

Antimicrobials are important medicines used to treat infections, particularly those that are of bacterial origin. When antimicrobials are overused or used inappropriately, the disease-causing agents will develop resistance to these antimicrobials making them ineffective to fighting diseases. This poses a threat to disease control and therefore animal and human health. Therefore antimicrobials needs to be handled responsibly and prudently to help protect their ability to fight infection.

February 2019

OIE Photo Competition


The OIE hosted its 5th edition annual photo competition in 2019. The theme was "Animal health and welfare, beyond the cliche" 

March 2019

African Swine Fever Awareness

April 2019

World Veterinary Day


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