France - South Africa Exchange 2018

In March 2018, midst the late winter of the northern hemisphere, IVSA South Africa ventured north to tour the four veterinary schools of France as well as experience the culture, nightlife and world renowned heritage sites based in their land. In June 2018, nine French students travelled down to South Africa to witness the Onderstepoort life as well as experience the same aspects mentioned above.

The first city to be toured in France was Paris, one with an exceptional university, with one of the most incredible anatomy museums ever seen. The city itself was explored through a memorable treasure hunt and the hustle of the people was intense. Off to Toulouse, a beautiful city located south that will be remembered for the crazy parties, friendly people and the lovely town of Albi.

Next on the tour was Lyon, the oldest vet school in the world. Awesome food was had here, the best cathedral in our opinion was seen here (La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere) and a night of karaoke in the city left many memorable laughs and good times. Lastly, we ventured to Nante where we got to know a more modern vet school with a different outlook. We also saw the incredible Mont-Saint Michel as well as experienced the country side of Brittany.

On the return tour to South Africa; we put Onderstepoort on show before visiting various sites and places such as Vilikazi street in Soweto, Dullstroom, Elephant Sanctuary in Hazeyview, HESC, Kruger National Park, Swaziland, Hluhluwe, uShaka in Durban, Clarens and more. After the 10 day road trip, we managed to do a hands-on outreach at a rural animal clinic which was really enjoyed by the French. To round-off the tour of South Africa, we darted and relocated lion near Bela-Bela and got to experience an awesome, personal flight inside a darting helicopter.

Overall the diverse universities, memories, long road trips, laughs, beautiful sites and friendships created will be cherished by all on the South African and French side. The opportunity that IVSA has given us is a one in a lifetime that will never be taken for granted.

Merci IVSA France.

- Ryan Walton

South Africa to France

France to South Africa

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Mark Twain