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The International Veterinary Students' Association (IVSA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 1951. The mission of IVSA is to benefit the animals and people of the world by harnessing the potential and dedication of veterinary students to promote the international application of veterinary skills, education and knowledge (
IVSA has over 65 different international chapters in various countries and consists of 40 000 students worldwide.

It is the largest veterinary student association in the world. IVSA aims to improve the standard of veterinary education internationally through the exchange of ideas, knowledge and culture. This is achieved through student exchanges, publications, news briefs, Standing Committee projects and international events such as our annual congress and symposium.

IVSA South Africa aims to encourage more South African Veterinary students to be involved with IVSA by advertising Congresses, Symposia and organising group and individual exchanges. We also aid the community by promoting student involvement in community health projects such as Onderstepoort Primary Project, Community Vet Clinics (CVC), street-cases and Rabies Awareness day.

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